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Dr. Lewis directs the University of Pittsburgh‘s NIH NeuroBioBank Brain and Tissue Repository in conjunction with Associate Program Director, Jill Glausier, PhD. The NBB brings together multiple stakeholders to facilitate research advancement through the collection and distribution of human postmortem brain tissue. The NBB coordinates the collection, evaluation, processing, storage and distribution of nervous system tissue and associated clinical data via a federated network of brain and tissue repositories that span the United States. This resource facilitates the study of neurological, psychiatric and developmental disorders by a broad research community.


Dr. Lewis’ laboratory occupies approximately 2,800 sq. ft. on the 16th floor of the Biomedical Science Tower. The laboratories consist of separate facilities for tissue fixation and preparation, immunocytochemistry and other histological procedures, molecular biology, biochemistry, neurostereology, computer-assisted microscopy and image analysis.


In support of his postmortem brain research, Dr. Lewis maintained a close working relationship with the Allegheny County Office of the Medical Examiner for over 20 years. This relationship has facilitated the processes of identifying deceased individuals eligible for brain tissue donation, obtaining consent for donation from the next of kin, conducting structured interviews with relatives of the deceased, retrieving medical and other relevant records, and formulating life history records (“psychological autopsies”) that serve to obtain consensus DSM diagnoses from a committee of experienced research clinicians and to provide detailed information to investigators.

Laboratory of David A. Lewis, MD

Researching the neural circuitry of the prefrontal cortex and related brain regions, and the alterations of this circuitry in schizophrenia.



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